Paddleboarding on the Chain of Lakes
Featuring perfect paddleboarding spots, gorgeous views, and great food.


Are you an experienced paddleboarder looking for a change of scenery? Or a beginner wondering where to get out on the water? Paddleboard Winter Haven offers rentals, tours, and fun for everyone on the beautiful chain of lakes.



When you book a tour with Paddleboard Winter Haven, it includes all of the equipment, friendly instructors to guide your experience, and an adventure like no other. Their 'Paddle Like a Pro' is a perfect tour for anyone, from those who have never been on a board to the most experienced. It is also the most popular tour, featuring a 1.5 hour daytime adventure where boarders will explore at least two of the lakes in the chain.


Interested in getting out and exploring the landscape in a different way? Try a sunset tour for a magical ending to your day. Paddleboarders can swim and take water breaks on all of the tours, but the sunset tour features something extra special.


“For sunset we take our biggest break at the end where we'll find a nice spot to sit and talk on the boards, and watch the sky change colors,” said Kami Rickert, certified Paddlefit & ACA Instructor and adventure guide at Paddleboard Winter Haven.


Yoga on the Water

Looking for even more excitement? Paddleboard Winter Haven offers a few exercise classes on their boards as well, including 'Yoga on the Water'.


“The biggest thing people often don't know is when we do yoga we are actually anchored. You're on an anchor line so you are still getting to practice your balance on the board while floating in place,” said Rickert. This way, paddleboarders are in rows and have a clear view of the instructor for the class.


So what do you need to bring for a fun-filled day on the water?

“Plan to get wet. Not because you'll fall in, but because we take breaks and a lot of people swim.” Said Rickert. A bottle of water or Gatorade is important, especially if you'll be embarking on a longer day tour. And don't forget a way to get dry! Most people who are coming out for a paddle boarding tour are dressed ready to swim, but often end up forgetting a towel for afterwards, according to Rickert.



After enjoying the sunset, paddle back over to Tanners Lakeside to check out the paddleboard shop, where you can purchase boards and accessories from Paddleboard Winter Haven. Then step out onto the lakefront patio to wind down the evening with some great food, tasty drinks, and beautiful views.



Jaydee Williams     August 24, 2022               Jaydee is a Florida native who loves cats and exploring new places.


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